And the “best dressed” award goes to…..


…little Miss Ava Kate!

I mean, seriously – would you look at this girl? Talk about a photographer’s dream!

I can’t say that I was surprised when she showed up for her pictures dressed to perfection considering the fact that her mother, Ashli Williams, is the BEST Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper in our area. Cute clothing is literally her specialty!

If you’ve never heard of Matilda Jane clothing you should check out their web site, but be warned – their stuff is addictive. If you see something on there that you can’t live without or want more information about something feel free to email me and I will put you in touch with Ashli to place an order. 


Ava and I had so much fun during her session! I kind of expected her to be quiet and shy but her feisty personality kept me laughing the entire time. I’m not positive  but I have the feeling that this girl has absolutely zero problems keeping her three older brothers (and her parents) in check back at home.

After Ava mentioned that she wants to be a photographer when she grows up I decided to let her choose her own props and pose for a few of the pictures and boy was I impressed!  I definitely see future photographer potential there. 😉


Skyler celebrates her 1/2 birthday

There is no other experience in the world like becoming a parent. Your first child changes your entire life in ways that you couldn’t imagine B.C. (before children). Even if you decide to have more babies later on in life it will never be like your first. The new experiences pop up every day and it seems to go by so fast. I’m reminded of all this when I get the pleasure of spending time with Skyler and her Mom, Kaitlyn, during her 6 months session.



This little doll face is Kaitlyn’s first child and you can just feel the love and adoration between them when in their presence. I am already a mother of four myself but these two totally give me baby fever for #5 (which is why my husband says that we can’t hang out too much). Ha!




I mean look at this. I can’t even take the cuteness!! She was all smiles during her session and let us change her a gazillion times with no complaints……..







…although she did take a quick nap in Mom’s arms between wardrobe changes. Totally my kind of girl!





Are we there yet?


Photo courtesy of Rustic Lantern Photography

Every time my husband and I take our four children on a trip we get asked the age old question – “Are we there yet?”.  Since moving to Peachtree City in 2012 it has been my husband and friends asking me that very same question.

In 2008 I stepped out on faith and started my photography business.  Photography for me was, and is, a passion.  They say that if you do what you love then you will never work a day in your life so I decided to listen.  In 2012 and after growing my business and family, life happened.  Our family decided we needed to find a new home and town where we could grow together.  We moved to Peachtree City and I promised myself and my husband that I would continue pursuing my love for photography.  Not long after moving and getting settled we discovered that we would be welcoming 2013 in with baby number four!

For the first time in years I only have one child at home during the day and I am finally  finding and settling in to my “normal” routine.  “Are we there yet?”, my husband asks.  Finally, after years of asking I was excited to tell him, and all of you, WE ARE THERE!!!

This blog is the first official stop on our welcome home tour and we are so glad you decided to share this journey with his.  My hope is that blogging will provide another medium for me to connect and grow together with my clients.  It will also be a way for you to see why you should trust Alaina Forshee Photography in documenting all of the special moments and milestones that you will want to treasure for forever.  You will get a glimpse of just how much thought, time, and care goes into each and every photo shoot.  Thank you for your continued support and patience during my transition.

Are we there yet?  Yes, yes we are, and there is no where else I would rather be.  Here we grow again.  🙂

Yours Always,