Adeline, Ashtyn, & Brooklyn

These three little beauties were so much fun during their photo shoot! The two older girls, Ashtyn and Brooklyn, are sisters and it was so sweet to see how excited they were when their baby cousin Adeline pulled up.


All three girls (and their mothers)  were such good sports considering the fact that it was absolutely freezing outside!  They parted with their warm jackets long enough for me to snap some pictures of them in their perfectly matching Matilda Jane outfits. Be still, my heart! ❤


We did a quick wardrobe change and headed out to a nice sunny field that turned out to be pleasantly warmer than our previous little spot in the woods.  After much running, racing, and a few sweet kisses we finished up the session.













Kaitlyn + Dalton + Skye

This sweet family of three made my Sunday a little brighter with their session. Seeing them interact with each other reminded me of when my husband and I were in the beginning stages of our relationship….which actually ended up making me feel a little old but I won’t hold that against them. 😛


I had the pleasure of photographing their baby girl, Skyler Michelle, when she was just a tiny little thing.


She’s 7 months old now and I can’t believe how fast she’s grown! During her session she was very proud of her newfound skill of sticking her tongue out which made for some pretty adorable pictures.


Those who know me know that I am a huge supporter of law enforcement. I grew up having a father that was in the field which inspired me to become a 911 dispatcher- a job that I have had for almost 15 years now.  When I saw this blue line flag blanket I knew that would be perfect for my sessions with my law enforcement family (Dalton is a deputy sheriff). It was handmade by one of my co-workers at 911, Gretchen Edwards.

She has them for sale in her Etsy shop along with several other styles for those that love this as much as I do! You can check them out at:



Towards the end of their session I got to see the gorgeous engagement ring that Dalton gave to the future Mrs. Anderson. I can only imagine what a stunning bride she will be on her big day! ❤

Allison + Andy + Kate + Charlotte + Anna Helen


Last weekend I had the pleasure of having this beautiful family of five in front of my camera. The weather was absolutely amazing – I’m so glad that it is FINALLY starting to feel like fall!


Look at Anna Helen’s cute little wrinkled up nose! I’m pretty sure she was making that face at me because my crate was preventing her from reaching all of the deliciously crunchy leaves on the ground that she wanted so badly. 😀


This shot was not easy to come by. What you can’t see here is how Allison was crouched down behind the girls so that she could hold Anna Helen securely on the bench for the picture. A little bit of Photoshop and here you have it! I just love how big sister Kate seems to have her hand on Anna Helen protectively so that she doesn’t fall. I’m pretty sure that sweet little smile on Charlotte’s face was because she knew it was about to be playground time for her while little sister would be stuck with me for her 9 month pictures!


With her sisters and Dad running off to the playground (I think Andy was even more excited than the girls to be done with pictures) it was time for Anna Helen to be in the limelight for her 9 month session. She looks so proud to be standing up with a little help from Mom! Or maybe she’s enjoying showing off that gorgeous dress because she can sense that her photographer has an obsession with Matilda Jane Clothing. Hmmm….


Gah! Those huge brown eyes of hers are just mesmerizing! Must…fight….the baby fever……..!



Anna Helen patiently let me snap a few shots of her and even let us change her outfit once before deciding that she was over this whole photo shoot thing and ready for dinner and bed. If you look closely at her right hand you can see the Cheerio that was used as a bribery tool to get those final few pictures.


Mission complete!