“I am so OVER this.”


“I am so OVER this.” – This is what Kyndall said to me after an hour of pictures and as you can see from the look on her face she meant every word! XD  This little girl is not only gorgeous (just like her mother) but she is feisty and brimming with personality – just how I like ’em! Needless to say she had me cracking up during the entire session.


Seriously? How cute can one kid be??

Kyndall was happy to model for me as long as I allowed her to take a few tree climbing – goose chasing – dirt drawing breaks in between pictures.  No wonder she was exhausted after the session – I only wish that I had 1/8 of her energy!


And then we have her mother, Alicia. Talk about perfection! Aside from being stunningly beautiful she has the sweetest, most down to earth personality ever. She was also one of the most photogenic people that I have ever had in front of my camera which made deciding which pictures to edit a million times more difficult. Not exactly a bad problem to have!


Put them together and you have the most adorable mother-daughter team around. I had so much fun photographing these two that I didn’t want to stop! Kyndall, however, was not shy about letting us know that she was officially “over it” and ready for her ice cream date, as promised. ❤