Project 365: What It Is And Why You Need To Do It

I have had a several friends ask me about the 365 project that I began this year so I wanted to share a little bit about what it is and why YOU should be doing it as well!

What is Project 365?

It is a commitment to take a picture every day for an entire year. The subject matter can be anything you choose – yourself, your children, your pets, or just your everyday life events.

What’s the point?

Taking a picture every day may seem like a hassle and there will be times when you don’t feel like doing it, but completing a 365 project has lots of benefits:

  • It becomes a visual diary of your life. Imagine how neat it will be years on down the line to be able to look back on your pictures and see a moment of your day for an entire year? Our memories will fade over time but this is a way to remember your daily activities, places that you’ve visited, and how you and your family have grown and changed.
  • It improves your photography skills and encourages you to really learn your camera. After a while you will notice that your pictures are getting better as you begin to get creative and take notice of your lighting, your composition, etc.

Tips On How To Do It:

  1. Try to bring your camera with your everywhere you go. If you don’t have your camera you won’t get the picture.
  2. Don’t wait too long to upload the images. I try to post mine as soon as I take them so that I’m not in a panic at the end of the day.
  3. Tell a story. A little known fact about me is that I absolutely hate trying to come up with captions. Ha! However, when you post your picture try to describe what is happening and why you took the picture. This will help you remember later on as well as help your friends to understand the significance of the moment.
  4. Don’t stop! This is the most important tip of all! I have to confess, I’ve tried this once before and failed to follow through for the entire year…..okay, I didn’t even make it a month. BUT this year I am going to stick with it and you should too!


Today is January 17th and above you can see a sample of the images that I’ve captured so far. I decided not to have a set theme but instead just take pictures of my everyday life. Looking at this collage I can already say that I would have forgotten some of these special little moments in no time without this visual reminder. For those that are interested you can follow my Project 365 on Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

Although the month is halfway over it is still not too late to start your very own Project 365!

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