Hayden Christine – 5 days old

Hayden Christine Collins made her grand entrance into the world on the morning of June 9th.  Just five days later I was lucky enough to have her in my studio for her newborn session.  Her parents, Rebekah and Taylor, are the cutest little couple and for this to be their first child I swear they seem like seasoned pros.  It was so sweet to see the way that they interacted with each other and how totally smitten they both are with their brand new daughter.  After a snack and some snuggles from Mom and Dad, Hayden was fast asleep and ready for her closeup.


Is she not a vision of perfection?! This is one gorgeous baby girl – but if you’ve ever seen her mother then you would know why that comes as no surprise.

This sweet little trio was special to me because not only are they clients but they are part of our “blue family”. With Hayden’s dad Taylor being a police officer, naturally we had to do something law enforcement themed for her session.


Not long after I took this picture, Hayden decided to wake up and let her parents and I know that she done for the day and ready to go home.

I was able to see Hayden again today at her reveal session and it was amazing to see how different she looks after just three weeks! This reminded me of how important it is to take pictures of your children as they grow up. It happens so fast and sometimes we don’t even notice the little changes even though they’re right in front of us. Every time that I look back on old pictures of my kids I catch myself saying “but when were they this tiny?!” or “i can’t believe they looked like that just 2 years ago!”  One day when they’re all grown up and our memories start to fade with age, the pictures that we have of our families will be our most prized possessions. ❤