2017 Back To School Limited Edition Sessions



Schoooooolllllsssss back from summa!!!  The good news is that not only will you get a little “me time” during the day but my back to school limited edition sessions will be offered again throughout the months August and September!  Capture those beautiful smiles and suntans before another year flies by and your babies start to look all grown up (*sniff sniff*).

The pictures taken at school are great but by the time my kids get their minute in front of the camera their hair is a mess and they have ketchup on their clothes.  With my sessions you can control the outfit, the hair, the time, and you even get to be there to bribe (or threaten) them to cooperate.  Actually, that last part is just me being witty –  I always make sure that my clients have fun and feel totally at ease in front of the camera. No bribery or help from the parents needed. 🙂

The setup shown in the flyer will vary a little this year. The sessions may even be done indoors with studio lighting so that we’re not at the mercy of the weather.

The $125 cost of your session includes 20 minutes in front of the camera plus three of your favorite images in digital high resolution format.  From those three images you will be able to select one for your 5×7 print that is also included. This price includes up to two siblings – additional siblings are $25 per child.

Instead of only offering this for one day I will be providing flexible dates and times throughout August and September to better suit my clients and their busy schedules. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule your session!




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