The Saracinos Santa Party

This year I was honored to participate in a wonderful event that is put on annually by a fellow Braelinn Elementary mom Cynthia Saracino, her husband Joe, and their sweet daughters Grace & Gaby.


When I arrived at the party I was instantly impressed with the attention to detail and how gorgeous everything was.


My role in the party was to take pictures of the partygoers as they got to meet the guest of honor, Santa Claus – AKA Santa Joe!


The children weren’t the only ones that were in awe of his presence! Santa Joe’s interaction with the kids was nothing short of magical to witness. Everything from his jolly Santa laugh to his authentic attire had everyone in the Christmas spirit.











After talking with Santa Joe I discovered that 100% of the proceeds that he earns are donated to the Santa David Children’s Fund which benefits the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) and the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute (UFPTI). Both of these organizations are crucial to saving the lives of children and helping their families through difficult times. You can read more about Santa Joe’s story and find information on how to contact him by visiting his web site,

All of party guests were asked to bring an unwrapped present to be donated to a charity called Operation Toy Soldier.  You can read more about their organization by going to their web site,  After the party was over, Cynthia posted this picture showing the incredible generosity shown that day:


If you were a guest of the party you can view and download your images for free by going to my web site, The album link can be found on the top right of the home page. If you’d like to order a retouched print of your image please feel free to contact me for pricing information. All orders can be prepared and delivered within 2 days of payment.




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