2017 Back To School Limited Edition Sessions



Schoooooolllllsssss back from summa!!!  The good news is that not only will you get a little “me time” during the day but my back to school limited edition sessions will be offered again throughout the months August and September!  Capture those beautiful smiles and suntans before another year flies by and your babies start to look all grown up (*sniff sniff*).

The pictures taken at school are great but by the time my kids get their minute in front of the camera their hair is a mess and they have ketchup on their clothes.  With my sessions you can control the outfit, the hair, the time, and you even get to be there to bribe (or threaten) them to cooperate.  Actually, that last part is just me being witty –  I always make sure that my clients have fun and feel totally at ease in front of the camera. No bribery or help from the parents needed. 🙂

The setup shown in the flyer will vary a little this year. The sessions may even be done indoors with studio lighting so that we’re not at the mercy of the weather.

The $125 cost of your session includes 20 minutes in front of the camera plus three of your favorite images in digital high resolution format.  From those three images you will be able to select one for your 5×7 print that is also included. This price includes up to two siblings – additional siblings are $25 per child.

Instead of only offering this for one day I will be providing flexible dates and times throughout August and September to better suit my clients and their busy schedules. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule your session!





Hayden Christine – 5 days old

Hayden Christine Collins made her grand entrance into the world on the morning of June 9th.  Just five days later I was lucky enough to have her in my studio for her newborn session.  Her parents, Rebekah and Taylor, are the cutest little couple and for this to be their first child I swear they seem like seasoned pros.  It was so sweet to see the way that they interacted with each other and how totally smitten they both are with their brand new daughter.  After a snack and some snuggles from Mom and Dad, Hayden was fast asleep and ready for her closeup.


Is she not a vision of perfection?! This is one gorgeous baby girl – but if you’ve ever seen her mother then you would know why that comes as no surprise.

This sweet little trio was special to me because not only are they clients but they are part of our “blue family”. With Hayden’s dad Taylor being a police officer, naturally we had to do something law enforcement themed for her session.


Not long after I took this picture, Hayden decided to wake up and let her parents and I know that she done for the day and ready to go home.

I was able to see Hayden again today at her reveal session and it was amazing to see how different she looks after just three weeks! This reminded me of how important it is to take pictures of your children as they grow up. It happens so fast and sometimes we don’t even notice the little changes even though they’re right in front of us. Every time that I look back on old pictures of my kids I catch myself saying “but when were they this tiny?!” or “i can’t believe they looked like that just 2 years ago!”  One day when they’re all grown up and our memories start to fade with age, the pictures that we have of our families will be our most prized possessions. ❤



**sneak peek** Brittany C.

I had a sneaking suspicion that I was going to have a lot of fun during this session before it even happened ….. and I was correct!  Brittany and I have so much in common – our husbands are both employed at the same police department, we both have four children, and we have both worked in a 911 center. Before this day we had never really talked face to face but by the end of the session I felt like we had been friends since forever.

Her session included hair and makeup so she was asked to show up completely barefaced and with unstyled hair. She was even nice enough to let me take a “before” picture to share with you. Although, who wouldn’t if they looked this great naturally – amiright?


After applying her makeup and styling her hair it was time to finally get her in front of my camera.





Isn’t she gorgeous?

If you would like to experience this type of session for yourself please do not hesitate to contact message me with any questions that you may have.

Call or text:  229.515.7111

Email: AlainaForsheePhotography@gmail.com


Project 365: What It Is And Why You Need To Do It

I have had a several friends ask me about the 365 project that I began this year so I wanted to share a little bit about what it is and why YOU should be doing it as well!

What is Project 365?

It is a commitment to take a picture every day for an entire year. The subject matter can be anything you choose – yourself, your children, your pets, or just your everyday life events.

What’s the point?

Taking a picture every day may seem like a hassle and there will be times when you don’t feel like doing it, but completing a 365 project has lots of benefits:

  • It becomes a visual diary of your life. Imagine how neat it will be years on down the line to be able to look back on your pictures and see a moment of your day for an entire year? Our memories will fade over time but this is a way to remember your daily activities, places that you’ve visited, and how you and your family have grown and changed.
  • It improves your photography skills and encourages you to really learn your camera. After a while you will notice that your pictures are getting better as you begin to get creative and take notice of your lighting, your composition, etc.

Tips On How To Do It:

  1. Try to bring your camera with your everywhere you go. If you don’t have your camera you won’t get the picture.
  2. Don’t wait too long to upload the images. I try to post mine as soon as I take them so that I’m not in a panic at the end of the day.
  3. Tell a story. A little known fact about me is that I absolutely hate trying to come up with captions. Ha! However, when you post your picture try to describe what is happening and why you took the picture. This will help you remember later on as well as help your friends to understand the significance of the moment.
  4. Don’t stop! This is the most important tip of all! I have to confess, I’ve tried this once before and failed to follow through for the entire year…..okay, I didn’t even make it a month. BUT this year I am going to stick with it and you should too!


Today is January 17th and above you can see a sample of the images that I’ve captured so far. I decided not to have a set theme but instead just take pictures of my everyday life. Looking at this collage I can already say that I would have forgotten some of these special little moments in no time without this visual reminder. For those that are interested you can follow my Project 365 on Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

Although the month is halfway over it is still not too late to start your very own Project 365!

“I am so OVER this.”


“I am so OVER this.” – This is what Kyndall said to me after an hour of pictures and as you can see from the look on her face she meant every word! XD  This little girl is not only gorgeous (just like her mother) but she is feisty and brimming with personality – just how I like ’em! Needless to say she had me cracking up during the entire session.


Seriously? How cute can one kid be??

Kyndall was happy to model for me as long as I allowed her to take a few tree climbing – goose chasing – dirt drawing breaks in between pictures.  No wonder she was exhausted after the session – I only wish that I had 1/8 of her energy!


And then we have her mother, Alicia. Talk about perfection! Aside from being stunningly beautiful she has the sweetest, most down to earth personality ever. She was also one of the most photogenic people that I have ever had in front of my camera which made deciding which pictures to edit a million times more difficult. Not exactly a bad problem to have!


Put them together and you have the most adorable mother-daughter team around. I had so much fun photographing these two that I didn’t want to stop! Kyndall, however, was not shy about letting us know that she was officially “over it” and ready for her ice cream date, as promised. ❤


Adeline, Ashtyn, & Brooklyn

These three little beauties were so much fun during their photo shoot! The two older girls, Ashtyn and Brooklyn, are sisters and it was so sweet to see how excited they were when their baby cousin Adeline pulled up.


All three girls (and their mothers)  were such good sports considering the fact that it was absolutely freezing outside!  They parted with their warm jackets long enough for me to snap some pictures of them in their perfectly matching Matilda Jane outfits. Be still, my heart! ❤


We did a quick wardrobe change and headed out to a nice sunny field that turned out to be pleasantly warmer than our previous little spot in the woods.  After much running, racing, and a few sweet kisses we finished up the session.













Kaitlyn + Dalton + Skye

This sweet family of three made my Sunday a little brighter with their session. Seeing them interact with each other reminded me of when my husband and I were in the beginning stages of our relationship….which actually ended up making me feel a little old but I won’t hold that against them. 😛


I had the pleasure of photographing their baby girl, Skyler Michelle, when she was just a tiny little thing.


She’s 7 months old now and I can’t believe how fast she’s grown! During her session she was very proud of her newfound skill of sticking her tongue out which made for some pretty adorable pictures.


Those who know me know that I am a huge supporter of law enforcement. I grew up having a father that was in the field which inspired me to become a 911 dispatcher- a job that I have had for almost 15 years now.  When I saw this blue line flag blanket I knew that would be perfect for my sessions with my law enforcement family (Dalton is a deputy sheriff). It was handmade by one of my co-workers at 911, Gretchen Edwards.

She has them for sale in her Etsy shop along with several other styles for those that love this as much as I do! You can check them out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Gigiskeepsakes?ref=l2-shopheader-name



Towards the end of their session I got to see the gorgeous engagement ring that Dalton gave to the future Mrs. Anderson. I can only imagine what a stunning bride she will be on her big day! ❤

Allison + Andy + Kate + Charlotte + Anna Helen


Last weekend I had the pleasure of having this beautiful family of five in front of my camera. The weather was absolutely amazing – I’m so glad that it is FINALLY starting to feel like fall!


Look at Anna Helen’s cute little wrinkled up nose! I’m pretty sure she was making that face at me because my crate was preventing her from reaching all of the deliciously crunchy leaves on the ground that she wanted so badly. 😀


This shot was not easy to come by. What you can’t see here is how Allison was crouched down behind the girls so that she could hold Anna Helen securely on the bench for the picture. A little bit of Photoshop and here you have it! I just love how big sister Kate seems to have her hand on Anna Helen protectively so that she doesn’t fall. I’m pretty sure that sweet little smile on Charlotte’s face was because she knew it was about to be playground time for her while little sister would be stuck with me for her 9 month pictures!


With her sisters and Dad running off to the playground (I think Andy was even more excited than the girls to be done with pictures) it was time for Anna Helen to be in the limelight for her 9 month session. She looks so proud to be standing up with a little help from Mom! Or maybe she’s enjoying showing off that gorgeous dress because she can sense that her photographer has an obsession with Matilda Jane Clothing. Hmmm….


Gah! Those huge brown eyes of hers are just mesmerizing! Must…fight….the baby fever……..!



Anna Helen patiently let me snap a few shots of her and even let us change her outfit once before deciding that she was over this whole photo shoot thing and ready for dinner and bed. If you look closely at her right hand you can see the Cheerio that was used as a bribery tool to get those final few pictures.


Mission complete!

And the “best dressed” award goes to…..


…little Miss Ava Kate!

I mean, seriously – would you look at this girl? Talk about a photographer’s dream!

I can’t say that I was surprised when she showed up for her pictures dressed to perfection considering the fact that her mother, Ashli Williams, is the BEST Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper in our area. Cute clothing is literally her specialty!

If you’ve never heard of Matilda Jane clothing you should check out their web site, www.MatildaJaneClothing.com but be warned – their stuff is addictive. If you see something on there that you can’t live without or want more information about something feel free to email me and I will put you in touch with Ashli to place an order. 


Ava and I had so much fun during her session! I kind of expected her to be quiet and shy but her feisty personality kept me laughing the entire time. I’m not positive  but I have the feeling that this girl has absolutely zero problems keeping her three older brothers (and her parents) in check back at home.

After Ava mentioned that she wants to be a photographer when she grows up I decided to let her choose her own props and pose for a few of the pictures and boy was I impressed!  I definitely see future photographer potential there. 😉